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Julie with client, Dina Eastwood

At The Edit we love our clients and they love us too. Here’s what they have to say about us and our work. 

Within just a few days, Julie organized and transformed a cute rental home into the most cozy beach cottage ever. She excels beyond expectation on each project she tackles and proves to be resourceful, intelligent, patient, caring and professional. The Edit is the premier organizing company in the Carmel area.”

– Deberra, Carmel

JULIE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! Seriously. It took Julie 4 days to organize my entire home!  Literally, every single drawer in my house is perfect! It’s amazing! My husband said “Our closet looks like Nordstrom’s now!” She works FAST, she listens, she is understanding and non-judgmental and she is an absolute JOY to be around. If you are considering hiring an organizer, stop thinking and call Julie. I promise you will not regret it!”

– Erica, Carmel-by-the-sea

WE LOVE JULIE! My wife and I initially hired her to organize our Carmel home and loved her work so much we sent her to work her magic on our condo in San Francisco!  She cleared the clutter and created new organizing systems so our city home would function so much better. She loves her work and it shows – in every last drawer and detail.  We honestly feel that our home has increased in value after Julie organized it. And we truly believe it’s the best money we have spent on our home so far. She will exceed your expectations. She’s a keeper!”

– Brendan, San Francisco

Julie truly was an AMAZING and integral part of my Mom’s move. She made a very stressful situation painless and worry-free. We could not have done it without her expertise and phenomenal organization skills. Thank you, Julie!”

– Julie and Peter, Carmel-by-the-sea 

Thank you so much Julie! Your work is bringing us JOY!”

– Avery, The Preserve, Carmel

Wow! I feel like Julie brought order into my otherwise chaotic existence! She came in, took charge, and listened to me, and cleared out 30 years of unorganized clutter – all with a smile on her face! Honestly, I feel much better about myself and more confident having people come over to visit, Before, I would always make excuses. I feel free! A million thank you’s, Julie!”

– Bahar, Carmel

Julie changed my life! She is so wonderful, professional and amazing to work with. She literally changed how we live. Before we were just surviving in the clutter. Now we are organized and thriving! I can’t say enough good things about Julie!”

– Andrea, Carmel-by-the-Sea 

Julie is amazing. She is a natural organizer and will make your home look effortlessly clean and organized. She helped us get organized after a move to Carmel. We had just unpacked and I had no idea where to put anything and didn't have time to do it myself. It was worth every penny to have Julie there to put everything in a perfect place. She has a great sense of style that is clean and fresh. I am going to have her organize our vacation home as well!”

– Keke, Carmel Woods 

I am hundreds of pounds lighter and I can breathe again! AMAZING. Julie helped me clean and purge two decades worth of storage in my basement and attic. This girl is a total organization ninja! The best part was having a rational angel on my shoulder through the whole process giving me permission to let things go. She expertly separated items to either donate or dump- then packed it up! It felt really good knowing the things I no longer needed were going to find new homes. On the last day we took a lunch break after completing the basement and got a second wind and hit the kitchen— in a couple of hours every drawer, cabinet, nook and cranny was cleaned, organized, and another four huge boxes off to the goodwill!!! 

– Brandi, Carmel-by-the-sea 

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