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Meet Julie


Julie Walton, founder and principal of The EDIT, has a passion for all things organized.

Using the skills she acquired from her days in corporate project management and visual merchandising, Julie now loves to help people reclaim their living spaces one room at a time. She firmly believes that less actually offers a lot more. Much like editing a paragraph for extraneous words, dangling participles and reworking sentences to tighten the prose, the more you edit a space the better it will read. By using Julie’s customized Edit method your space will evolve to reveal what truly reflects the things you value most, while giving you the added benefits of finding what you need at your fingertips, having more space to breathe and, with the clutter not bogging you down, more time to spend doing what you love. The Edit follows a strict code of ethics and provides complete confidentiality. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

 The EDIT Method


Sometimes, with our fast-paced lives and hectic lifestyles, some clients may seek additional help with an organizational tune-up from time to time. That’s why we are happy to offer a maintenance program to help you refresh an existing space, or tackle a new one, on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

E- Evaluate

Our process begins with an initial phone consult, followed by an in-person consultation where we’ll evaluate your space and set goals. As no two spaces are alike, this meeting will provide the valuable input needed to provide you with a customized solution to transform your space and an action plan to get it done while meeting your unique needs.

D- Decide

The fun begins! We’ll systematically pull items from the space to clear away the clutter. This may feel overwhelming or messy at first, but it’s the most effective way to edit what you own. Together, we’ll work to sort your items into key categories: keep, recycle, relocate, donate and discard.


Next we’ll identify homes and develop systems for what remains. We’ll decide where things should live and how the new space should flow. Once we have your space put back together we’ll also, as needed, identify additional container strategies to further organize the space.

T- Transfer

The beauty of The Edit process is that by the end of our engagement we’ll transfer our knowledge so you’ll learn how to implement the new systems and strategies we set to maintain your space going forward.

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